Who's Who?

Mr Chaos a.k.a Darth Vader or Dad

Realistically there is only one character Mr. Chaos could identify with, the most infamous father in history. Maybe not such a heavy breather but definitely challenged with silent rage. He’s a husband, a father, and a finance geek (accountant). Numbers make him happy. Mr Chaos enjoys playing soccer (football), spending time with family, and his last ‘proper job’ the CFO of a healthcare NGO. He’s an introvert who can’t multi-task, but knows his way around an excel spreadsheet like Solo in the Falcon. And he loves playing Lego. I mean, playing with his kids when they are playing Lego.

Mrs Chaos a.k.a Queen Amidala or Mom

Mrs Chaos would have actually preferred a LOTR themed family, but regrettably, our kids have more in common with wookies and gremlins than cute little hobbits. She was nearly Darth Maul, but then we thought that was a bit dark, even for her. Anyway, Mrs Chaos is obviously nothing like Amidala particularly in terms of grace and diplomacy, but she has her split personality nailed. Product designer, mechanical engineer, mama, and wife. Currently responsible for making sure the multitude of offspring don’t starve and occasionally get educated/picked up from school. Creative and exceptionally witty. She laughs at her own jokes…

Leia / General Organa 8 yrs

Yes you read that right – either General Organa or just Leia – coz there ain’t no princesses living round here. But Generals…well, there are a couple of those in this house vying for authority. Authority that this one wields mercilessly over Yoda, Chewy and Solo. She tries to get one over Vader and Amidala occasionally and usually fails miserably, with repercussions, most of the time. Fierce, funny, brave and independent.

Hans Solo a.k.a Solo 3 yrs

Chewy’s twin/partner in crime. Sometimes. When they aren’t hitting and biting one another. Born on steroids, does not stop running, climbing and causing chaos. It helps (is highly concerning) that he appears to be impervious to pain. We had him assessed for poorly functioning pain receptors. Fearless with an incredible penchant for mischief and trouble, all with a giant grin on his face, twinkling eyes and irrepressible charm.

Yoda 5 yrs

Fitting because he is cute and weird and talks the biggest load of hilarious backwards nonsense you ever heard. Aged well before his time, often called an ‘old soul’. Known for his random life observations and highly convoluted stories, where the line between truth and reality is extremely blurred. Polite and thoughtful and the sweetest/strangest kid you will ever meet.

Chewbacca a.k.a Chewy 3 yrs

He’s tall and built like a tank with weird hair. He began life in 0.4th percentile and is now in the 91st. And Smart. Too smart. He knows how to work more tech in this house than the adults do. But much like Chewbacca, he communicates in groans, grunts and squeals. Yep, we are trying not to overthink his speech delays, apparently, some geniuses only started talking at 4… here’s hoping. Shy, affectionate and very pensive.