Financial Independence Europe podcast

By Mr Chaos on January 15, 2020 in Finance

A slightly different post today – a link to our first podcast appearance. I must admit that this is a little terrifying. I’ve heard myself on voice mail messages before – and in general, I’d rather go on another ‘snip trip’ than listen to myself speak!

This is in no way a reflection of the host Alvar – who is great!

Here’s the LINK to part 1 of the conversation. Part 2 is HERE.

The Financial Independence Europe podcast covers a range of topics related to reaching financial independence in Europe.

I first met Alvar, one of the hosts of the podcast, early last year. We spend an hour talking about our money journeys over an expensive coffee in Edinburgh. Later in the year our partners joined us for a breakfast of churros with chocolate in Granada. The second conversation was much less nerdy!

On the podcast I talk about our background as a family and the decision to move to the developing world. We also cover our general progress towards financial independence and our attendance at a Chautauqua. Without our partners to keep the chat interesting – Alvar and I may have drifted back into nerd territory!

I also referenced a few resources in the podcast. Here are links to those.

Experiences > Convenience

By Mr Chaos on April 2, 2019 in Family, Living Abroad

Once the decision had been made for us to leave Zambia, there was some pressure to try to fit in a final weekend away with some family and friends. For Mrs C and I, the thought seemed a little draining. That meant we’d have to fit all of our leaving preparation into less time, and then there’s the actual weekend away to consider. A four-hour trip on dirt roads is not the most appealing, particularly when two of your offspring seem to believe it’s their obligation to throw up on any road trip longer than a couple of hours.