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Family Life

Two exhausted parents, an opinionated 9-year-old, an off-the-wall 7-year-old, and a pair of thrill-seeking 5-year-olds. This is our take on life and carving a way through the crazy. 

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A sabbatical could change your life

When we took a sabbatical we thought it would be a chance to recharge batteries. We did not think it would change our lives.

How to set up a kids allowance (part 4)

A kids allowance is a great way to teach kids about money in a controlled environment. Here’s the system we use for our kids.

One year on: 10 things that changed for the Reluctant Chautauquan

My husband and I spent A LOT of money going to a Chautauqua last October – so one year on, was it worth it?


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