How to take a sabbatical

Are you considering a career break? Taking a sabbatical may be a great option. Find out more about planning for the when, where and when.

Keep it simple ….

As a family of 6, we have learnt how important it is to keep it simple. In all aspects of our lives. And personal finance in particular.

DIY injuries for kids

Minor childhood injuries are often part of growing up, and I want my children to be adventurous, brave and enjoy exploring. But I also don't want to be a frequent visitor to the ER.

What are your big rocks?

If big rocks represent our values - do you have enough margin in your life to fit in all of your big rocks?

A Lockdown Wishjar

Our kids have been adding wishes to a wish jar during lockdown of the things they want to do when restrictions are eased. I may also have my own wish jar.


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