1500days.com Guest Post

1500days.com Guest Post

By Mr Chaos on January 28, 2019 in Family, Just For Laughs

Today’s post is a little bit different. It’s a link to a guest post that I’ve written on another site – 1500days.com. Just click HERE.

1500 what?!?

1500days.com was set up by Carl when he calculated that he had another 1,500 days to work before he could ‘retire’. I first heard Carl on a podcast a year ago. We have since swapped a few emails before meeting in person in Greece last year.

There are so many things to love about Carl. Let’s start with his fashion sense. The shirt in the picture below was bought specifically for presentations… A cynic would say, who needs memorable content when you’re wearing a psychedelic dinosaur shirt. And which Carl’s better half, Mindy, will be wearing in a half marathon later this year (Mindy – don’t think I’ve forgotten!).

“This is a serious audience. Better pick a conservative shirt today.”

Carl’s an incredibly generous person – as we found in Greece when he gave up so much of his time and expertise to help get this site up and running. He’s also got an incredible sense of humor and our time in Greece was better for his presence.

Growth mindset

However, one of the things I admire most about Carl is his growth mindset (read his post about comfort zone expansion). A growth mindset is the refusal to accept that our intelligence or talents are fixed traits, and that you can get better at anything through perseverance and hard work.

I want our kids to have a growth mindset. I want them thinking “I’ll try”, instead of “I can’t”. If I want my kids to have a growth mindset, I need to demonstrate it in my life. Which means I need to be more like Carl. Though perhaps without the t-shirt….

Some recommendations

Here are a couple of Carl’s posts that resonated with me recently:

By way of context, you should also know that Carl’s best friends mascots, are two toy dinosaurs. Mrs Chaos used her creative talents to illustrate a few comic strips of the dinos that are included in the guest post.

Please check Mr 1500 out.

Carl – thank you!

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