Financial independence in Zambia – the humble penny

Financial independence in Zambia – the humble penny

By Mr Chaos on October 28, 2019 in Finance, Living Abroad

Another guest post to share with you today. The Humble Penny very generously invited me to publish on their site. Click HERE to access the post about pursuing financial independence in Zambia.

The Humble Penny is the award-winning blog of Ken and Mary Okoroafor. They started their blog to make personal finance education available for all.

I first came across Ken a year ago whilst living in Zambia and it was great to discover a personal finance blogger with an African background. Ken grew up in Lagos Nigeria but moved to London when he was a teenager. He and his family arrived with nothing and he has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today.

It feels very appropriate for this post to appear on Ken’s site!

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